scrollable pane

Hi all, my app currently fits on one screen, but I should add other stuff soon. I cannot change the size of the window as some of my users are working on rather small screens (1024 * 800). I’m not allowed to split the screen and make it 2 steps as all the options need to be visible. I was thinking to create a pane with a vertical scrollbar and users then have to scroll to some elements. That would be OK apparently.

Is there a way to do this in XOJO?



do both… allow the window to fit the screen… and if the screen is still too small, then scroll as required… but why punish those users who have a large enough screen?

Hi Dave, it’s because of the elements shown on the screen…

How do I create that scroll? Do I need to put the elements in some kind of container? If so, in what?

Move your UI to a container control, place the container control on your window, on open set the window size to fit the available area and if needed show a vertical scroll bar. When the user uses the scroll bar simply set the top of the container so the selected portion becomes visible.

Hi @Gert Van Assche
Some years ago I created a simple example for desktop:

Wonderful! Thanks Joost & Wayne. Perfect solution!