Scrollable field possible?

Is it possible to place more small text fields on a larger field and have that larger field scrollable so I can scroll to one of the smaller fields which are not in view normally?

If I understood what you want to do, then yes. It is possible with two container:

I made a fast example to make the video. Here is the project:


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Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much, Marius!

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Can you mark Marius post as the Solution?


Marius, one question, how do you add the container with the controls onto the container that contains the scrollbar?

You drag the container2 into container1 (example file).

Be aware that on Windows Systems, you (should/must) add a “Container21.Refresh” at the end of the ValueChanged Event Code of Scrollbar1 in Container1 (21).

And if the Window Size is variable, maybe add something like “Scrollbar1.MaximumValue = Container21.Height-Self.Height” in the Containers Resized Event.

Aaaand, add something like “Scrollbar1.Value = Scrollbar1.Value + deltaY” to the Container1.MouseWheel Event Handler.


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Thanks, but right now I am not able to drag the container with the text fields on top of the container with the scrollbar. When I realise the container, it disappears.

Put all the controls on a canvas. Canvasses are scrollable. You have to add the scrollbar yourself.

I still could not get it to work, but noticed that if I stretch the window a little longer down, the other fields become visible, which I can accept as a solution for this. The slider also takes extra space which I rather do not loose.