Scroll Indicator suggestion

I have a grid the fills the entire screen… and each cell usually looks the same (unless the user has touched it). the problem is most of the time the grid is much larger than the screen (both horizontally and vertically). Scrolling it is not the issue… but letting the user know it can (or should) be scrolled is. Since the cells all look the same (on purpose), there are no “always” visible scrollbars to act as a visual cue…

Size the initial view so that one of the next cells is partially visible. This provides an indication that there is more, and with the way people use their devices today it should be enough to suggest scrolling.

Problem with that is I cannot guarantee it would happen… since iPhone/iPad screens are all different sizes, the grid may or may not be enough of a fractional difference to be obvious… Least common denominator and all…

Flash the scroll indicators when the view appears.

thanks… not sure that is a great method either, since it happens once, and the user may or may not notice. I’m not sure why Apple is so set against them showing, since they are not obtrusive looking to begin with

but letting the user know it can (or should) be scrolled is.<<

I really don’t think that will be an issue.
Users are used to being able to scroll and zoom content.
Even if it didn’t scroll, they will try to do it.

In an app I launched in a phased manner, I tried hand-crafted scroll bars , or arrow buttons
These are visually obvious to me.

Neither was acceptable. people still tried to use two fingers and drag things around. So in the end, the buttons and bars were ditched, and no issues.

I guess for now I will leave it as is, I can always do something latter if it becomes an issue