Scroll bar behavior

I have a scrollable window.

The non-visible part is about the same size of the visible part, yet the scrollbar ‘mouse handle’ is not in the correct ratio. That should be much larger. I can’t find a property to set this.

In the Open event of the scrollbar: Me.Maximum = ContainerControl11.Height - ScrollBar1.Height

I believe if you make Scrollbar.Maximum the difference between ContainerControl11.Height and the viewable area size you will get a much more accurate thumb size.
Nevermind that’s what it does.

Have a play around with Scrollbar.PageStep the size of the handle is related to how far it moves per step.

Solved! Changed Scrollbar.Pagestep to 200. Thanks
[Edit] As it should be a ratio: Me.PageStep = ContainerControl11.Height - ScrollBar1.Height