Script to reset IDE to 32 bit architecture on mac

Until debugging in 64 bit comes to the IDE I have been using a build script to build a 64 bit app.

However this leave the IDE architecture in 64 bit mode and must be reset to 32 bit mode before further debugging.

I have solved this by using the script from the documentation to compile the 64 bit app first followed by the 32 bit app so the IDE is reset to 32 bit architecture.

Const kOSX32 = 7
Const kOSX64 = 16

Dim path As String
path = BuildApp(kOSX64)
path = BuildApp(kOSX32)

I have no use for the 32 bit app and would prefer not to build it every time.
Is there a scripting command that I can add to reset the IDE to 32 bit?



Edit: Apparently I’m mistaken. The current 2015.4.1 IDE keeps the architecture at 32 bit.
Sorry for the noise.


With the help of @jim mckay I created an IDE Script that I can run, which makes a 64-Bit build. This way I continue to do my work in 32-Bit and then build 64-Bit when I’m ready.

call BuildApp( 16, true)