Screwy Date from SQLDateTime

I have the date I’d like to be put into this date as SQLDateTime but it’s getting very confusing results.
The Date is stored in this String array location 0 ACTopRc(0) as 2017-04-03 10:33:46

The lines of code are

Dim iDat As New Date iDat.SQLDateTime = ACTopRc(0)

iDat starts as this moment and becomes

I don’t understand how it loses so many years. Suggestions?

Double check that you don’t have extra/invisible characters in ACTopRc(0)

Used this code to make a test and it works ok. iDat has the correct date:

Dim ACTopRC() As String Dim iDat As New Date ACTopRC.Append("2017-04-03 10:33:46") iDat.SQLDateTime = ACTopRC(0) Break

Thanks. Interesting. I got an extra BOM on there. I think it got there from too much debugging. I think I should I add a double check in case I do this again.