Screenshots of addons?

I’ve just started with xojo and looking at addons to see what’s available and brainstorming a bit based on that.

Is there some gallery I can have a look at for the addons?

For example there’s a couple of charting and reports addons that looks interesting, but some screenshoots would be nice.

None of the headers on the addons page links to anything so I’m not sure where to go, and I’d rather not throw 100+$ at the wall hoping it fills my needs without having a look see first :smiley:


I’m not sure what you mean by “Addons Page links”, but this page in the wiki has links to a lot of 3rd party products, including Charting:

Paul, what he probably means is show some screenshow of the AddOns on that page.

If you’re interested in the Monkeybread plugins, Christian has a Youtube channel with a lot of demos and tutorials for his work.

MBS Youtube Channel