how i add a screenShot on the forum

Upload the screenshot somewhere and use the Image button in the editor here to add the link.

There are hosting services like this:

Then as Paul said, do something like this:


I find DropBox to be the easiest, especially if you already have it installed. I created a folder in my DropBox Public folder called “Posted Images”, then place the image in that. If I no longer want that image available, I simply remove it from the folder.

The good thing about the postimage service is that you can post almost any image format (like tiff), choose a final size if you whish (it resizes) and you get a proper PNG image ready to put on the forums, optionally you can make it a clickable thumbnail for the final image, and even get a link for removal. I like the service very much. It’s free and don’t use your storage space. :wink:

I use imgur . You don’t need to sign in, you can just drag the image to the site, if you click the image after upload it takes you to a URL that doesn’t have ads or any other graphic, and you can have it send you a “delete URL” so that you can zap it if you change your mind. I’ve heard that Dropbox can get overloaded if you post to a high traffic site. Not sure if the Xojo forum would qualify though, but something to consider.

I refuse to use DropBox because of the security risks it poses

Just google for “dropbox security issues”

I put them on my own server or just dont post images