Screenshot window that looks like background pict

This is simpler than it looks. Made a Apple-Shift-4 area screenshot of the background picture
and imported it into the graphics editor application.


To confuse the viewer.

You can also make the window actually transparent…

//Windows Open
Sub Open()
const cocoa = “Cocoa.framework”
declare function NSClassFromString lib cocoa (aClassName as CFStringRef) as Ptr
declare sub setOpaque lib cocoa selector “setOpaque:” (id As integer, b As boolean)
declare function clearColor lib cocoa selector “clearColor” (NSColorClass As Ptr) As Ptr
declare sub setBackgroundColor lib cocoa selector “setBackgroundColor:” _
(NSWindow As integer, backgroundColor As Ptr)

dim w As integer = self.Handle

//allow window to be transparent
setOpaque(w, false)

//change the background color to ‘clear’
setBackgroundColor(w, clearColor(NSClassFromString(“NSColor”)))

End Sub[/code]

This won’t ‘punch a hole’ through other windows to the background though.