Screen Size Problem

Hi All - So my boss had been using excel for a work flow that we use in the office and it frequently got messed up. So I coded it into RB2007 and compiled it on my mac for her windows machine. When I opened the application the main screen was much larger than her monitor display (the resolution was maxed out) and I couldn’t access the majority of the features. Also the text in the editfields was larger than the editfields themselves.

So I purchased Xojo this morning and upgraded my compiler. Unfortunately the problem persists. The problem does not occur on my windows desktop or my mac laptop but DOES occur on my boss’ windows laptop. Any ideas?

I seem to remember that if a user went into the control panel and made their text larger, it would do that to my program also…But I can’t be 100% sure that was it…

the text is slightly too large (i thought if textsize was set to 0 is was automatically set) but the bigger issue is that less than a quarter of the window is visible and I can’t scroll to the other part of the window or access it in any way. If the screen is smaller that my display on every other machine, why is this one laptop resizing the window to such an extent?

Assuming I can’t resize the window (and all the objects inside it) Is there a way to add scroll bars to a window? So that I can access the rest of the window?

If you’re window is resizable in Xojo, can’t you grab one of the 4 corners and resize it down enough to see the whole window on the desktop. Occasionally, that will happen to me, but I’ve always been able to ‘grab’ the window and resize it…

well i didnt WANT to make it resizeable but i tried that and if i resize it smaller then i cant see the other objects on the window. How can I access the lower right corner? I dont see any scroll bars appear when I resize the window smaller.

First thing I would look at is the Display size, a lot of newer computer are coming with 125% or 150% setting set. Look at:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display

Make sure it’s “Smaller” 100%

I would recommend you design your app to fit her screen size. Scrolling the window is a terrible solution, imo.

I’ll ask the obvious question: What is the screen resolution of the computer where the problem occurs? What is the defined size of the Window?