Screen Size for Phone/Web

What size page do you generally go for when designing xojo app web pages specifically for phones?

My iPhone 5 supposedly has a screen resolution of 1136X640, but if I make a page that size, it is waaay too big.

A screen size of 480 X 320 works well, though. Is there something I’m missing?

As iPhones are all retina (2x or greater) you want to refer to the screen size in points, not physical pixels.

Does the same thing apply to other commonly used phones (HTC One, Droid Turbo, Nexus 6)? When creating a new page in Xojo Web, it looks like my only option is in pixels.

The way I’m doing it now is functional, I just wondered if there was a simple way to access the higher resolution. If it’s complex, then I am DEFINITELY sticking with my current way of doing it.

You don’t need to directly access the higher resolution of the phones. Set your page size to match the phone point size.

More about HiDPI/Retina for web here:

Thanks Paul!