Screen Size and Xojo…

My MacBook Pro m1 screen size is… 3360 × 2100 @ 144 dpi.

I add a New Window (1920 x 1080 *) and a MoviePlayer (20, 20, 100, 100 !) to a project for obvious reasons…

To my surprise, the movie is greater than the screen… and I do not/cannot see the commands (Play, etc.).

What is wrong ?

  • At first, I was not able to scroll the Window to watch the Movie player…

Is this option (or the code-equivalent) set?

I do not change that.

In fact, I double-clicked in the MoviePlayer Control (MP, from the Tools Library), changed its name, then add code to load the mpg file and set it to the MP…
I probably (unsure) set the MP width/height in code (I do not recall).
Then run and saw the above; then I do other things. I do not have fired Xojo today; I will do that after my mail reading process…

In short, MP Control width and height stays at 100,100 in the Window Editor; and the Window (whre the MP resides) is set to 1920 x 1080 (was not completely displayed in my 3360 x 2100 @ 144 dpi screen).

Then it’s true by default and explains the behaviour you have.
You may take a look at what this does (resize the control to fit the original movie).

AutoAdjust is set to true by default; else the MoviePlayer stays at the design time value (100 x 100)… surprising (I just tested): I do not set the MP size in the code probably because it was displayed at large size.

I will try to set the size to 1920 x 1080 and run…
The image width is 250 pixels larger than the screen (I moved the window to the left until its right part is visible and mesured it - screen shot rectangle).

And since a Window on macOS cannot be moved above the MenuBar… (it does not matter).

I think the difference is because I do not use the “native” screen resolution… apparently, the numbers are: 1,680 x 1,050. I had to go to an Apple web page to get that because an application was removed in Ventura… (No, they only removed the button in “About this Mac”: we have to press the Option key to fire it or search for it in Application:Utilities…).