Screen resolution issues

I bought a new Dell laptop lat week. It is supposed to be full HDMI, 1920x1080. It replaces an older HP laptop with the same resolution. When I moved my projects to the new machine, some of the windows no longer fit in the IDE. After confirming the resolutions for both machines were set to 1920x1080, I wrote a little program that simply displays Screen(0).Height and Screen(0).Width. I wasn’t surprised when the Dell showed 1280x720. After two and a half hours with Dell service reps, nothing changed. Using GoToAssist, I showed the rep that setting the Windows display parameters to 1280x720 made no change on the screen at all. I also showed him my program and the reported resolution. Despite that the rep said the computer was working the way it is supposed to and said I should talk to Xojo because their software is obviously the problem. My take is that Dell is pulling the equivalent of a Volkswagen diesel emission test and selling low resolution displays as full HDMI.

I was surprised when I copied the screen resolution program to my HP computer. Instead of getting the 1920x1080 resolution I was expecting, I got 1536x864. A stand-alone monitor that I connect through the HDMI port as a second screen returns 1366x768, exactly what Windows says it is. I don’t understand what is gong on. Do other computers give similar results?

You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it does. :wink:

HDMI has nothing to do with screen resolution. It is the means of connecting high definition devices together. What you are describing above is full HD or 1080p.

Does the laptop have a HiDPI display? You may be able to turn off the display scaling.

You are right. I meant full HD, not HDMI. That is the resolution of both laptops, 1920x1080. They are not HiDPI.

The point is, even my 1366x768 laptop will do display scaling. You should be able to turn it off. Here is a link to a page explaining how to do just that.

Perfect. Dell and Windows defaults to 150% scaling. Setting it to 100% fixed sets it to 1920x1080. The Dell tech had actually set scaling to 175% at one point which made it worse. Thanks Bob.

I’m glad I could help.