Screen recording apps for Windows

When a customer reports a problem to us, if we can’t work out what they’re trying to describe we sometimes ask them to make a screen recording for us.

On a Mac, we’re lucky to have a screen recording feature built into QuickTime Player. There’s also the excellent Rewind for those “I don’t know how to replicate this, it just happens from time to time” problems.

Can anyone recommend a good, free (as in beer) screen recording app that works well for them on Windows? Are there any that come with Windows?

Sorry it seems there is absolutly no free tool on Windows. For Screenrecordings… yes and Games - I have to admit :wink: I use Bandicam you can download the freemium for 10 Minutes limited recording time and with watermark on it. I think that’s the closest to Mac you will get on Windows in this area.

I use the Xbox app that is free on Windows 10 called XBox Game DVR. Click on the Window/program that you would like to record, and press the Windows-G Key. Click the ‘Yes this is a game’ box and press the red button to start recording and then press the stop-square to stop recording. The recording is placed in the folder C:\Users\\Videos\Captures\.

Maybe, all you need is built-in and free:

Well done Jeff! Steps recorder is a great tool for recording reproducing errors.

Nice find Jeff and its been in there since windows 7 !!! Learn something every day.

Really? never found it before… this is my Win7 Pro Accessories Menu… where to find?

“Steps Recorder (called Problems Steps Recorder in Windows 7)”

Also, just googled this, its free at the moment, not sure how long for, gave it a try seems pretty competent for support feedback and easy to use.

Ahhh found it… it’s named psr.exe thank you Julian! Never heard of this nifty tool!

Wow I had to pull this out of my grey matter.

I used to use before I moved over to SnagIt. Its a very cool app but it didnt have the quick annotations etc on images/video at the time (dont know if it does now) which is why I went for SnagIt.

But its free, and takes video :slight_smile:

okay just played around with psr.exe

It records your screen step by step and creates a nice zipped HTML Archive / .MHT which can be viewed in IE on PC (not macOS).
it’s not exactly a recorded screen like quicktime does on Mac but maybe it’s useful to reproduce problems and support incidents.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. You can’t built an option that’s built into the operating system when it comes to getting customers to be able to use it :wink:

Has anybody else actually tried the Steps Recorder with a Xojo app? In our testing, it’s mis-recording the controls that were clicked on, which makes it rather less useful than it might seem.

I just threw every control onto a window and it seemed to spot them all, do you have a particular control that you know doest work?

You probably know this but just in case, if the recording is over 25 clicks, default settings will scrap images that go past this count, oldest first, this can be changed in settings on the application.

My investigation about z-order issues made me remember this post.

I see the problem now Tom, this is a snippet from the Screen Recorder report, Windows sees the green highlighted control when it should see the blue one for the click where the cursor is.

Yes, that’s similar to what I’ve seen. Curious!

Icecream screenrecorder
Mac and Windows version available.