Scope: Only visible within module

It would be nice to have a scope for classes and methods to be only visible within the same module (and the levels below). I got a couple of helper classes that I don’t want to be exposed outside of the module. Do you think such a feedback request might potentially be implemented?

That’s what Private scope is supposed to do. Mark a method Private and it’s only callable from other code within the Module, but not from outside the module.

I think he means a level between “private” and “protected” for modules (or whatever they are called in Xojo).

Really? Seems like I am mixing up scopes between classes and modules :slight_smile:

I would be nice to have a “Protected” scope for modules inside modules.
That way you could only type MyModule.MyModulesChild.MyProperty or MyModule.MyModulesChild.MyMethod for that matter.