Scope between windows. controls, etc.

HI …

I"m trying to find where one can save constants in code? I’m looking at the reference material, and I guess it’s saying a module?
So, if I want to declare a variable that I can use between several controls in different windows and not have to repeat in each
window, should I use a module like in VB or is there a better way that uses less memory? Don’t modules use more RAM
than repeating the code in each window? What’s the best approach if you have several or two or more even windows that you
want to run the same code in basically, but for each windows events, etc… ? ? ?

On, a side note, I used to have a boss that in VB loved Modules and stuck all the variables he could in them and said that
this is what hardware is made for… :slight_smile: We did lot’s of multiple windows in our apps… :wink:



Thank you so much Dave…