Scaling photos and keeping EXIF/IPTC info?

What is the recommended way to scale photos and keep EXIF/IPTC info? I want to take a folder of photos and scale them but keep all EXIF/IPTC info intact.

You might be able to use the MBS plugins to do this as they have the ability to read and write the blob of EXIF data.

Take a look at this also, a command line tool with more options than anyone would ever need. Available Mac/Windows so depending on your requirement it may work for you,

url does not work. say cannot open.
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You can go to


[quote=407587:@Richard Duke]url does not work. say cannot open.
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Odd, opens here Richard.

Was not opening for me, that’s why I searched an alternate site, but now the original link works.

working now

remember its not just a matter of KEEPING the original EXIF data, but changing it in the same way you altered the image, otherwise they won’t match