SBCs Other Than RasPi?

[quote=482346:@Norman Palardy]could you put a raspberry in a custom case with a tiny ssd attached ?
that way the sd card isnt the failure point ?[/quote]

You can also convert the images to something that pretends to run better on a CF card. I can’t recall at this particular moment but there is a CF card aware file system you can convert it to that is supposed to not overwrite the same parts as often as others do that makes them last longer.

Additionally the regular raspian release had done a huge amount lately to fix the problems as well. Many of the constantly changing OS directories are now running in tempfs in memory and not writing to disk. Things like the run and lock directories. You can also turn off swap so that doesn’t use up the CF card (and if you need swap then you need to be looking at your own source code!) There are a few other things that continually write to the CF card but they are getting rid of them a little at a time.

Someone also published a procedure to make the SD card read only, but the procedure was long and convoluted. That was a few years ago. Maybe, by now, someone has turned it into a batch file.