Saving XML Project in 10.8/9

With Xojo, how do you save a Project in XML format in OSX 10.8 or 10.9 (or 10.7 perhaps)?

In 10.6, when you go Save As or when you save a newly created Project, you get an options area where you can choose. But in 10.7 and up, that area does show, and you are forced to save it as a xojo_binary Project. I want to keep it in .xml format so i can load it into earlier Xojo/REAL versions.

How do you do that?

If you have a build license for the project type you can select XML or Plain Text from the popup menu of project types.

EDITED: Are you saying that you can only save to XML if you have a license for Xojo? I thought that the only restriction to Xojo if you didn’t have a license was that you couldn’t compile. The licenses page on the Xojo site says:

“The Xojo IDE is free to use for developing, testing and debugging on any platform. When you are ready to build and deploy your apps, you need a Xojo license.”

I do have a license, but I was just trying Xojo on the Mavericks partition and didn’t want to apply a precious license number to it (limit - 2 computers).

It seems sort of pointless to make further restrictions beyond compiling, and even so, I thought based on statements like the above, there weren’t any other restrictions.

I’m not sure what a “project toe” is =) - but I think you are referring to the popupmenu in the save dialog? It doesn’t exist in Mavericks or Mountain Lion. If you are speaking of the popupmenu in Preferences, that just talks about what the default your project are.

But regardless, if you are saving a Project, it will NEVER save in .xml format, it forces you to save it in .xojo_binary type of file, which I don’t want.

Go ahead, try it.

That is correct. Without a license, the only format you can save in is binary.

You can save as binary without a build license.
Any types that are textual and suitable for use with version control require a build license as well otherwise a team could purchase one build license & everyone else use the free version.

You do realize you can reauthorize & reauthorize as much as you want ?
You don’t have to install a license & leave it forever