Saving VCP

I have Pro license.
I am given three choices for saving Xojo Project
Xojo Binary Project
Xojo XML Project
Xojo Project.

I do not see an option to save: VCP.

How do I access this VCP option?

a quick search with Google does not confirm what is VCP !

So, if you want to save projects in text format to be used in some kind of application, save it as Xojo Project.

Yes, xml also save the project in a TEXT file format, but the text is in XML language.

You should choose this one.
Binary is the Xojo internal representation.
XML is obviously XML
and Project is vcp

Thank you Dirk to confirm what is VCP ;-:).

You beat me to the answer :slight_smile:

OK, but yours is more accurate (I wa not sure of my answer) !

I believe Xojo Project is VCP. You are right, though : it would be a lot clearer if the save as popupMenu said “Xojo Project (VCP)”


VCP (version control project) was the old term for the text file format but that hasn’t been used since the switch to Xojo in 2013.

Project Formats in User Guide

[quote=266875:@Paul Lefebvre]VCP (version control project) was the old term for the text file format but that hasn’t been used since the switch to Xojo in 2013.

Project Formats in User Guide[/quote]

Then maybe Xojo Project (Text) would be clearer.

You know, “VCP” could be like the old measurement system. Metric System adopted by the US back in 1866 but the average Joe would not hear about dropping his favorite inches, feet, yards and stuff. Just do a search in the forum for “VCP”. You will be amazed.

On April 18, 2016, somebody called Geoffrey Perlman (I assume some average Joe) comments on Xojo Programming Language: 6 Fascinating Facts Xojo’s Blog [April 18,2016]

Tweeter (@xojo), 12 hours ago, pointed me to the comments section of this site. So I went there and became somewhat confused when I could find nothing in my IDE that mentioned this term.

This is not actually idle curiosity because I am working on a project that requires me to get my code in text form. I have been using the XML file. Which presents some challenges to me. I wondered if VCP might be more suitable.

Thanks for help.

Lest someone else be confused, that is Twitter, not Tweeter. :slight_smile:

For the record. Geoffrey Perlman is the CEO of XOJO

What kind of challenges does the “save” format of an XOJO project present? It would only really be an issue if the project file(s) needed to be handled by another piece of software (such as VCS… oh… :slight_smile: Version Control Software)

Yes, that might be clearer.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the search index of the Dev Center so that searching for “vcp” now brings up the Project Types page of the docs. I’ve also added a note to that page indicating the Xojo Project format used to be called VCP format.

Great. Thank you.

When I do save my work as Xojo Project, this is a sample of what I see in BBEdit of the file that is created.
Looks less interpretable than XML.

Apparently I am missing something about Save As: Xojo Project
Mac. Xojo 2016 Release 1.1

Nothing recognizable.


This should create NOT a single file, but at least 1 file for each form, module, class etc in your project, plus an addtional “project” file that tells XOJO what all the parts are.

Each of those files can be viewed as CLEAR TEXT in any text/word processor, and the format is MUCH easier to figure out than the XML format (trust me… I’ve done it)

So the gibberish you show above… what file (exact name) did this come from?
Perhaps you looked at a previous BINARY format? If you save as a different format, it does NOT delete any previous saved formats, as each has their own unique extensions.

Correct. Saved as Xojo Project.

I end up with two files.

File #1 [Sample]


File #2[Sample]

The first is called a Xojo Project and is about 2KB

The second is called a Xojo resource file and is about 5.6 MB

I have looked through the entire “Xojo resource file” and there is nothing recognizable as text.

Keyword RESOURCE file
this contains any NON-code files that you dragged in to the Project IDE (databases, graphics, etc)…
Those of course will NOT be clear text, but then they are not code either.

Exactly what are you attempting to do, perhaps with more information… I became quite familar with the VCP format when I developed the XJPRINT application for documenting XOJO projects

Thanks for hanging in there.

I am developing a way of saving versions of code as I write them to a text file. I have written an IDE script that takes the code in some method that I am working on and appends it to a text file. Then, at intervals, I import that file into a database program that parses the text file and stores each version of each bit of code as record in that database. Then we start again. In this way, I have a “version control” system as well as a library of all my code. And the text file itself, before it is imported, acts a “memory” of the coding that I have been doing recently in case of an unusual crash that destroys my work or a situation that I go down some tempting rabbit hole and then realize that I have to back out ass first. All the stuff stored in the text file is date/time stamped so I can figure out how to go back in time.

This is all fine and good, but I want to be able to “prime the pump” as it were by taking an existing Xojo project and sucking in all the existing methods etc. into the database. Subsequently, I would add records to that database as individual methods are being developed and modified via this text file mechanism.

I have gotten about 90% of the way there parsing the XML file but I wondered if the VPS might be “easier” to parse. I still face a few hurdles uniquely identifying the code that is attached to the events of controls. The XML file, in my opinion, makes this unusually difficult. I wondered if the VCP files would be easier.

So about a week ago I tried saving my work as a “Xojo Project”. Well, I saw gibberish and decided that whatever Xojo Project was, it was not text.

Then yesterday I got tuned into VCP by reading Perlman’s comment. And I wondered just where that was available. Thus the start of the thread.

So I retried “Xojo Project” and got gibberish again.

I suspect that the source of the problem is that this Xojo project has a large text “constant”. I have pasted a large file into that constant as a way of storing data in the program itself. To “obscure” that file, it is stored as a Base-64 file. I got the idea from this forum as I would never have thought of using a constant to store a large amount of data. But it makes it easier than having an external file that the user has to keep track of and which has to be imported every time the program is run. Rather this data is simply stored in the file. It works “brilliantly” for the user.

When I open up the “Xojo XML Project” directly into BBEdit, then I see the gibberish that I presume is related to the constant but I have no trouble seeing the rest of the “content”

If I add the extension, .xml, to the file and then open it in BBEdit, then BBEdit recognizes and formats it as an XML document which is great, and the gibberish just disappears. I frankly am not sure “where it goes”

I just roll with all of this because I am familiar with working in the “fog” of development as someone who has learned this stuff “on my own”.

To be more accurate, I have reviewed the file once the .xml added.

The gibberish has not disappeared. Rather it is now very inconspicuous because it all extends out in one line while the rest of the document formats as an XML document.

So there is a lot of gibberish, but it is just extending off a huge distance to the right on a single line so when you scroll the document it is easy to “miss”.