saving to spreadsheet/OSD

hello everyone

I’m looking for a good way to save data generated in xojo to a spreadsheet (readable by open office, excel etc.),
including formatting (font, ligature etc.).

Is there an easy way to do that? I have no problem linking a file with delimiters or even an html table to
a spreadsheet, but this excludes formatting.

Has anyone of you done something like that?

Thank you for any helpful hints…

Excel does use the formatting information from an HTML table if you use STYLE or CSS.

oh, that’s nice, I didn’t know that. Pity though I do not have excel…
Is there no other clever way to do that. I wonder why openOffice
doesn’t have an xml parser…

Same should apply to OpenOffice as well… although I admit I have done this only with Excel…

Have you TRIED it yet?

Of course. If I connect my spreadsheet to a html file, I get the data, but as I said, without formatting.
The css is linked into the html-file, though…

You could try the Excel classes on RBLibrary -
There is a free one that saves in the older BIFF format and one I wrote that uses the XML formats to allow you to save styled text & a lot of other formatting

Thank you, I might look into that. By the way I just checked, OpenOffice and LibreOffice are not able to read CSS styles.

You might have a look on this link:

We also have a XL plugin to write Excel files. Those can be loaded in Open Office.