Saving Raw HTML in SQLite

What’s the best way to store raw HTML in SQLite? EncodeBase64, then store it in a Text column? Or don’t encode it and use a BLOB column?


I’d use Base64 and store in Text field

I’d put the bytes in a BLOB field.

The questions are:

  • reduce size?
  • keep searchable?

convert text encoding to UTF-8 and storing in text fields could keep it searchable.
Storing bytes in BLOB is maybe smaller and keeps original encoding.

No, I don’t need it searchable. But do I really need to use EncodeBase64 if I’m storing in a BLOB?


no. EncodeBase64 is not needed.

Just stuff it in a column and away you go

Nothing special needs to be done to it

Base64 encoding would inflate it by a lot for not real advantage

Thanks guys.