Saving Projects

I noticed that when I went in and changed the text of a weblabel in 2014R3, the Save menu item was not enabled to allow me to save the project and in fact, when I got out and back in, my changes weren’t there. If I “move” the weblabel a pixel over, the Save menu was enabled. Has anyone else seen this problem?

You must hit enter or tab to exit he field. Otherwise the changes are not committed.

I do hit the enter key…I will try the tab key and see if that works…

ok, if you use the inspector to change the text, it works, but if you highlight the WebLabel and press enter, and then change the text in there and then hit enter, the save menuitem doesn’t enable…

Please file a bug report about that.

I have seen that in several previous versions and just worked around it. I never tracked it down until 2014.3 but it seems that if you edit the label “in place” from the graphical screen view it will not mark the project as “dirty” and allow a save. My fix was the same as Kenneth, just something one pixel and back.

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