Saving Preferences

Hello. I would like to make an application configurable. And when its close, the changes will be saved. I try with texts, properties, but i can’t get it . Any Idea? Thanks in advance

How do you save your properties?

saving preferences has been the subject of many topics…

thats right. i would suggest using a json-file. they are pretty simple to handle.

json-file? how i can’t use it? (Sorry for my english is not my natal language

Before deciding on the color of the vehicle, you got to know what you transport.

What are the variables you want to save ? Do you have a precise list ? How many are they ?

Perhaps the Saving Preferences blog post might help get you started.

Paul i’ts an interesting sample but i’m unable saving preferences. On app close writing Preferences.Save there is an error
“there is more than one item with this name” why? Thanks

I just tried in on 2016r1.1 on both OS X and Windows and I did not see any error.