Saving Preferences/Registration Info....

I’m starting to write my registration routines, and I’m sort of gathering that writing data that can be seen across all users is now becoming something of the past. Before I start heading down a slippery slope, this is what I’m reading. If anyone has a more correct set of details or finds that I’m just flat out wrong, then let me know.

From what I see, I can write data to SpecialFolder.SharedApplicationData/myFolderName (SharedPreferences) and I should be ok. :slight_smile:

SpecialFolder.SharedApplicationData or SpecialFolder.SharedPreferences used to play nice in 10.6 and lower, but is now restricted in 10.7+. If so, any way to handle this as I would like to write the registration key so all users are ok. This may happen from within the app?

No obvious way unless I write to /var? Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’ve trawled through the old forums and some of the mailing list and just want to save a little time before I start coding.

Thanks, Richard

You may have a problem with Windows when UAC is turned on. SharedapplicationData becomes read only. I’d use specialfolder.applicationdata which will make the info personal to each user on the computer.

On the Mac, I’d suggest using NSUserDefaults or CFPreferences, if you have the MBS plugins they already have functions for both of these, or look at the MacOSLib.

Thanks all. I am thinking of the NSUserdefaults for Mac (I have MBS) but not super keen on having two sets of code right now :-).

It does look like I will have to go the user specific route. I had forgotten about UAC on Windows (first thing I disable when I do a new install!).

Cheers, Richard