Saving in text format?

I just bought an Xojo build license and changed to the text format by going to preferences and selecting that option.

I saved my currently binary project but it still just shows as a single binary file.

What’s needed to save everything out in their individual text formats?

There’s nothing in the pdf docs about this as far as I can tell.

Did you enter your license number ?

Saving project in binary is the default file format. You have to have a license and enter it to be able to use different project file format.

Save As… and change the format there.

Yeah it should be entered, I logged in and it allows me to hit the build button without complaining.

Found it, thanks, but it seems text format is only available in the pro version and I got the Desktop version as I have zero need for databases, console or web.

Although I can’t see how being “pro” differs from not being stupid :smiley:

Oh well…

No, any build license will allow saving as text. See Paul’s response at

Try restarting the app. Otherwise, contact customer service and let us know the final answer.

I had “Keep xojo running” set under preferences, so even though I closed out of all projects it didn’t update until I content clicked the xojo icon in the windows taskbar and selected “exit”

After that and reloading the project the “xojo project” item popped up under the file “save as” options.

That actually bit me before when I installed some demo plugins to check out that also didn’t want to take, and had me scratching my head for a while until I figured out I needed to completely exit xojo from the taskbar to get it to see the installed demo plugins.

Anyways… I saved as xojo project and got a crash with “xojo has stopped working”

Reloaded again and it seems to stick now, got everything as individual items in my project folder.

Trying to install the feedback app and see if it’s something that’s already been reported, but it doesn’t want to install or download.