Saving changes in the executable file

Hi, I’m pretty new to programming and Xojo. My question is: how do I save changes in the executable file? I create an executable using the “Build” feature, and run the executable in the usual way. However, when I make changes to it and save, I get a Document with a lot of binary text.

Saving a project is a very different action from building one.

When you save a project, the source code is saved in a format that Xojo can read the next time you open the project. The source code is not executable and is quite useless unless you have Xojo installed. When you build a project, Xojo spits out an executable that cannot be edited, but it is directly executable even if Xojo isn’t installed.

If you make changes to your app and you want to have those changes in the built executable, you need to rebuild the executable from your modified project source.

Thanks, Andrew. I ask the question because a previous worker on my app, let’s call it “App1”, by building it in Real Studio was able to create an executable apparently that allows me to make changes to it and then save the program. It saves as App1SaveFile rather than a Document. I’m able to open and run the program just fine. That way we don’t have to modify the source code directly at all. How is this possible?

How to you plan on changing a executable?
You always modify the source code directly and recompile as necessary.

Once compiled nobody or nothing should modify the executable.
This can cause all kinds of havoc.

a) corrupt the file to become unusable
b) alter the checksum and have the OS reject the file
etc… etc… etc.

You don’t touch the or APP1.exe (depending of platform)

When you say “make changes”, I assume you mean change some text and save, not change the program logic. You can get away with “editing” an executable to some extent, but it really isn’t a very good idea.

Thanks for the replies. When I say “make changes”, I mean there’s a GUI that the user is supposed to make some changes to using the executable, without changing the underlying program logic. That part works fine. However, I’d like to make some changes to the GUI and save them as pre-made configurations for the user, if that makes sense. Again, I’m not changing the underlying program logic. Like I said, the old version of the executable allows me to save the changes I make as App1SaveFile and then open it up, but the new version does not. Why not? How can I fix this?

I’m not following you. Is AppSaveFile an executable? Or a preferences file?

Tim, thanks for the reply. I think AppSaveFile is an executable since I made it using the “Build” feature.

Can you make your app available for someone to test. This all sounds very strange but I suspect there is a simple explanation.

What you have explained so far in the manner it has been described is not possible. I suspect your savefile you are describing is some sort of preferences/settings file which sets your GUI up in different ways/configurations. Is that correct?

I agree. Modifying the executable in the way you have described is not possible. There must be some configuration file involved, and most likely, the application can no longer find it.