Saving Calender Events

I recently purchased Jeremie Leroy’s calendar view. I am having trouble saving events into my postgres database. I have fiqured out how to load from my database. But I can’t fiqure out how to get the ExportToDB working. Here is the code that is giving me trouble.

I think it is having an issue because my database has 3 schemas in it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

You purchased from Jeremie, right ?
I know where to find him next Thursday and Friday. Shall I ask him ?

Any help would be good. Thanks

@Trevor Campbell - what I wanted to say is that it sounds logical to me if you ask @Jérémie Leroy directly since he is the creator and supplier.

Yes, I’ve done that. I’ve read around the forum that it can take quite some time to get a response from him. I also know he is going to the conference in Berlin. So since I can’t be the only one using his plugin someone else might have the answer.

Thanks anyway for responding.

I have managed to do it another way.