saving binary movie

Hi there… I am looking at saving a movie (.mov) file as a binary.

I have some code here - but it isn’t working so well
backuptrack is a sound file I opened as a movie.
What I want to do is save a snippet to a folderlocation as a binary file - and then reload it in another window.
I’m saving it with the ticks as the name+".mov" because I know that if you try to output a binary with the same name, it’ll probably crash.

backuptrack.SelectionStartMBS=GSTStartposition backuptrack.SelectionLengthMBS=GSTStartposition-GSTEndPosition dim a as string dim t as ticks a=backuptrack Dim f as FolderItem Dim stream as BinaryStream f=SpecialFolder.Desktop.child(t+".mov") If f <> Nil Then stream = BinaryStream.Create(f, True) stream.Write(backuptrack) stream.Close End If

anybody got a fix?
(I don’t want to use QTMovieExporterMBS as cocoa doesn’t seem to like it)