Saving as pdf on Windows without dialog

Thanks again Lars,
It works great on Mac…

But. now that windows can do PDF printing, how can I modify that so that when I click my PDF Print pushbutton it creates a pdf with the specified name and location without showing a dialog?

I have this that Lars Brennicke recommended for Mac which works great on Mac…

Dim myAppFilesFolder As Folderitem
myAppFilesFolder = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child("my App Files Folder")
If not myAppFilesFolder.exists then myAppFilesFolder.CreateAsFolder

Dim pdfFile as folderItem
pdfFile = myAppFilesFolder.Child(Self.Title + ".pdf")

HxprnPrinterSetup.SetupString = App.pdfPrintSettings.Replace("PATHTOPDF", pdfFile.NativePath.ReplaceAll("&","&amp;").ReplaceAll("<","<").ReplaceAll(">",">"))

g = OpenPrinter(HxprnPrinterSetup)

It also works great on Windows too, but a dialog is presented, the name of the file is displayed in the dialog box but it asks for a location.