Saving a project as text, but some objects save as binary

Saving a project as text works fine, but some objects of this project are still saved in binary format.
I probably inserted those objects from an earlier version project which was saved as binary.
How can I change those objects to save as text, so I can use it in SVN?

Are the objects that are still binary “external” ?
Some detail about which items are still binary would be helpful

can be a container control, a class or a window.
can I only change from binary to text when creating a project ?
To save a binary application as text application with different name does not help,
all objects will still be saved as binary.

If you have a build license use “Save As” and save it as text

Other than that I’m not sure what it is you’re doing that results in it saving still as binary

thanks Norman

Still curious what it was you were doing that wasn’t working the way you expected