I need to use a SaveFileDialog to create a folder Item on the web, but am getting:

frmMain.ExportChapter, line 24
This item does not exist
f = FolderItem.ShowSaveFileDialog("", “MyInfo”)

What do I need to do?

FolderItem.ShowSaveFileDialog is only for desktop.

You cannot prompt the user for a location on the server. That would be a significant security risk.

Use the SpecialFolder Xojo Cloud locations to choose a place to store files.

Nothing says that here:
(or I do not saw that).

So how do I save a file on local computer, Their download folder would work?

[quote=481547:@Emile Schwarz]Nothing says that here:
(or I do not saw that).[/quote]
But it is said here:

If I just use the documents folder, my users, may not be able to find it?

If you want the user to download a file then you need to present the file for them to download in which case they’ll choose the location on their own computer.

Posting question in another thread.