SaveAsGIF on a Mac

So the documentation for Picture says:

Yet, with this example:

dim p as Picture dim f as FolderItem f = GetOpenFolderItem("") p = Picture.Open(f) + ".gif"), Picture.SaveAsGIF)

I get an UnsupportedFormatException with the message: “SaveAsPicture doesn’t support format 402 on the Macintosh.”

Is this a bug in the documentation or in Xojo or am I doing something wrong?

Per the Lang.Ref.

Now it CAN be done on a Mac… via a Shell command and the SIPS program (that comes installed on every MAC)

So you’re saying it should be read as “Supported on Windows only (if GDI+ is installed)” as opposed to “Supported on Windows (only if GDI+ is installed)”? To me at least the mention of it being cross-platform means it’s not Windows-only.

As an additional example,

SaveAsPNG works on a Mac.

Turns out it’s been around since at least 3/25/2012