Save Xojo report to PDF

If you use Xojo reporting and you like to output them to a PDF, get the MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin, currently in the OmegaBundle 2020 to implement this feature in your application:

[code]// new PDF environment
Dim pdf As New MyDynapdfMBS

// create a new PDF file
Dim f As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child(“report.pdf”)
Call pdf.CreateNewPDF(f)

// get graphics for a page
Dim g As Graphics = pdf.PageGraphics

// now get report
Dim rpt As New NameReport
// and a printer setup
Dim ps As New PrinterSetup
// run report
If rpt.Run(PrintableListBox, ps) Then
If rpt.Document <> Nil Then
// let it output to PDF
End If
End If

// close it
Call pdf.CloseFile[/code]

By using PageGraphics as Graphics, you can easily use Xojo’s drawing commands for PDF pages and have your application output it’s drawing not just to printer, but also to PDF files.

See blog post:

Code above is intentionally kept brief as all error checking is skipped. If used in real world, you may need to check e.g. if CreateNewPDF returns an error as the file could not be created.

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