Save project to new folder takes forever

If I move a folder to different location in my UI, a save project takes forever, means is never ending.
So I decided to save the project in a new folder, same story, is never ending, I have to force quit the task to end xojo.
did that happen to anybody else ?

More info, the project to save was saved before as xml, and now i want to save it as text, does not work.
save in same folder or in new folder does not make any difference.

I submit there is either something wrong with you disk drive (unlikely as you would have had other problems)
or something corrupt (perhaps corrupt unicode sequences) that the OS just has problems dealing with.

I have very large projects that I save in XML and move around all the time… and just takes a few seconds to load/save.

Please define what you mean by “save it as text”. Paid Xojo Licenses can save 3 ways…

  1. Binary (same method as FREE IDE)
  2. XML (which you mentioned)
  3. Version Control (which is text, and save the project in multiple files, the other methods above are one file only)

I was referring to save using version control.I have a paid version.
there probably had corrupt objects, and as said, all I did was moving a folder with some objects to a different location in the IDE.

I’ve been using version control with an older version of Xojo and notice that it takes about 10 seconds (or longer) to “start saving”… Never noticed a slow down in the newest Xojo IDE…