Save dialog question

Is there a way to limit the save dialog to a certain folder?
So the user cannot save the file to an other folder you want?

Dont use a save dialog.

Present a dialog of your own design that only asks for a filename.
Save the file in the folder YOU want.

Of course I could do that. But I want the savedialog show all the files already in the specific folder. And yes, I could also custom code that too. Basically, I am not trying to re-invent the wheel. :slight_smile:

It should be much easier if the default savedialog could be locked to a certain folder. At first sight this is not possible …

Long shot:
MacOS, MBS plugins, I found this note in the docs, maybe it is relevant?

method, Navigation, MBS Cocoa Plugin (NSPanel), class NSSavePanelMBS,
Plugin version: 8.2, Mac: Yes, Win: No, Linux: No, Console & Web: No, Feedback.

Function: Hides the nagivation popup menu.
Notes: This is a function using undocumented features from the Apple NSSavePanel class, so there is not guarantee that it will work in future versions.[/quote]

Thanks Jeff. Will take a look at the NSSavePanelMBS

EDIT: NSSavePanelMBS.HideNSNavNodePopUpButton seems to be undocumented and doesn’t work anymore.
Using the directoryDidChange event you can make it work:

	[code]if path <> SpecialFolder.Desktop.UnixpathMBS then
			me.Directory = SpecialFolder.Desktop
	end if[/code]

Now, I need the same for Windows. :slight_smile: