Save data of serial port

Hi everyone, I recently started working with Xojo again. I created a program to work with my devices via serial. I would like to implement new things, but I am having problems. I write here in detail :

With a pushButton I go to see all my available devices. They respond by sending me a 12-character hexadecimal value on the serial port (for example: 6E 01 01 01 01 6E 01 01 01 5F 3E). Now I would like to fill another push button when it receives these 12 characters. It’s possible?

Hi, this is my page of program :

When I click on “SEARCH”, I see an address of a device available on the Screen Remote. My goal is to save up to 4 addresses and insert them in the TextArea Actuator 1 to 4 and send them on the serial once I see them. Can you help me?

what is your hardware, are you RS232 or 485?

is each ‘Actuator’ on a separate physical connection wire to the remote device that has the ‘address’ you are looking for.

when you press search do you get more than 1 address at a time.

is the data you receive formatted as is shown in the picture, with spaces between each pair of numbers.
if so, that is 32 characters in the string, not 12.

is the data sent and received just using the ASCII characters.

What you wish to do is easy to achieve given a little more information.