Save corrupts project file if you license an unlicensed IDE and save

Hi all,

Just spent 4 hours trying to determine why my changes to a VCP/Text project were not sticking when checking a project in and then out of my version control system. It turns out that if you load a VCP/Project into an unlicensed IDE instance, try to save (being asked about saving a Xojo Binary project), realize that you had not reset your license, reassign the license via your web account, and then Save - the file type of the save will still be binary, but the IDE will not prompt you and name it with the .xojo_project extension, overwriting your original project file and NOT updating any of the other files related to the project.

If you machine hop and have to reassign your licenses, please make sure that you reassign your license BEFORE you load a VCP/text project and make changes.


But it doesn’t “corrupt” the project… it just saves as BINARY by default…
I got bit by that, when I couldn’t figure out why changes were not there… then I noticed I had an XML version (which I had loaded), and a BINARY version which the unlicensed IDE had saved…

I had this very same issue on a plane. Adding to the fun was the fact that this only happened because I’d opened a newer IDE and instead of just ignoring my personal expired license the IDE nuked it. Filed a bug report which was closed as “not reproducible” :rolleyes:

[quote=423093:@Dave S]But it doesn’t “corrupt” the project… it just saves as BINARY by default…
It does corrupt it since you expect the changes to a module or class to be saved in that module or class. In my case, I saw the odd binary differences warning from my version control, so I moved the saved file and checked out the text version to find that none of my changes to 3 modules and 2 windows from 3 hours of work were saved. Yes, they were saved in the binary version, but I didn’t discover that until I’d invested 4 more hours trying to determine what had failed with my SVN environment.

Hopefully, my steps - which are quite reproducible - will help fix this.

I miss the days of the Real Studio license which allowed multiple installs by the licensee without having to play the 2/3 system game. Since I test on 7 different primary Linux platforms, 5 Windows platforms, and 5 macOS versions, and find remote debugging to be extremely fragile more than useful, I’m constantly having to reauthorize and re-sync from system to system.

on the same computer… :frowning: