Save button

To resize a button or move a button and after such actions,want to save the actions as adjusted not to the default value. i use save as code in my save button but not functioning. Help

I presume you made changes to your project and want to save those?

Then save the project. The code in your button has nothing to do with saving the project.

If that is not what you mean then we need better information.

To allow the user to make changes and save it

Depends on what you need to change.

If it is text then a TextOutputStream would be easy. See for example

If it is lots of different things the you either have to use a database or make your own file format.

I am not entitely clear what the OP asks, but could it be that end users should (with whatever means) be able to manipuly the UNi and save the state of the manipulated UI?

Thanks @ Markus Winter and Alex Von Siebenthal. Although am yet to get the desired result but I must say thank you.
What am working on is to allow the end user to adjust almost everything on their page and save it. Adjust label,change color,change back drop etc So that,when the page is open again,all the changes made will remain the way it was adjusted.