Save As only option

I just opened a project, saved in text format, that I’ve been working on for months and it opened without error, I made a minor change, and then attempted to save. But instead of saving over the existing project, as expected, it brought up the Save As dialog without any explanation. Any suggestions as to what that’s about?

What options did it have for “Save As” ?
Any ?
If not maybe an expired license or a machine thats not currently authorized ?

I think I’ve seen this occur when the project was originally saved in a binary format and then the IDE’s default was changed to Text and then you try to re-save it.

Or there was an issue with your license and Xojo reverted back to being unlicensed and thus only allowing the project to be saved in a binary format.

Or could be a permissions issue?

License was the answer. I had just done a system reinstall so I guess it thought it was a new machine.

Thanks to you both.