Nowadays, a Xojo project can have multiple spreaded resources in different folders, some can be shared by other projects and that’s ok. But when you finish a project and want to send to someone else, like Xojo support, usually the receiver will notice “something missing”.

Proposal: Have a “Save as Full Package” option to save a compressed project with all resources, like the following:

Xojo create a temporary folder with the name of the project, let’s say “My_Project_1.XOJO_PACKAGE”, where it will save the final project inside. Then create a subfolder called RESOURCES, copy all resources used by the project to the RESOURCES sub-folder, creating sub-sub-folders as necessary and avoiding name collisions, adjust the project source to point to those relocated resources, now ALL under this base package directory, and save it and all companion sources inside it an readable text format. Compress this folder in one ZIP file named as you wish, containing this COMPLETE project with ALL it’s resources. Now you can distribute it easily without errors OR expand it in some other folder to work over this new independent version, now assuredly having all the needed resources along with it.

Arbed does that already:

Xojo should do it too, since R1, I remember discussing a “save all as self contained compressed file” during the Beta but until now it never saw the light. So, a FR. :slight_smile: