Sandboxing Example

I’m looking for either an example or a developer familiar with CFBookmarkMBS and Sandboxing on Mac OS X creating persistent bookmarks (Sam Rowlands?). Please contact me as soon as possible!

I put together a little free class to handle SecurityScopedBookmarks a while back grab it here if you like. It uses declares to handle everything, but it’s trivial to implement.

Pretty simple:

sf=new SSFolderitem(f,doSecurityScope) //constructor using an existing folderitem, and whether to use security scope TextArea1.Text=EncodeBase64(sf.Bookmark ) //SSFolderitem.Bookmark returns a bookmark file

//constructor with bookmark data and whether to use security scope dim fResolved as new SSFolderitem(DecodeBase64(TextArea1.text),doSecurityScope)
Then there’s:

b = fResolved.StartAccess //request access.

fResolved.StopAccess //done accessing

Or Josh, you could use CFBookmarkMBS class with CFURLMBS class for the files.