Sandboxed app has slow OpenDialog / Powerbox

I’ve noticed with my sandboxed app that when I open a select file dialog I get a spinning circle for anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds before the files load.

The folders are visible immediately and can be selected, but no contents is visible until after the delay.

In the console I see this message repeating about 10 times:

2/18/14 2:42:59.571 PM[4622]: CGSSetWindowTransformAtPlacement: Failed 2/18/14 2:42:59.571 PM[4622]: ERROR: CGSSetWindowTransformAtPlacement() returned 1001 2/18/14 2:42:59.571 PM WindowServer[85]: CGXSetWindowListAlpha: Operation on a window 0x14cb requiring rights kCGSWindowRightPresenter by caller 2/18/14 2:42:59.587 PM WindowServer[85]: CGXSetWindowTransform: Operation on a window 0x14cb requiring rights kCGSWindowRightPresenter by caller

When the files finally show there are no additional messages in the console.

After the first time it loads the files instantly but generates the same block of error messages in the console. When I restart the app the delay appears again.

I thought it might be affecting all sandboxed apps so I opened Pixelmator, checked that it is sandboxed (it is) and then used their Open dialog. It loads instantly.

I can’t tell if this is a Xojo issue (2013 r4.1), or something on my individual computer. I only have one Mac to test with at the moment since I dropped the other one off my roof while configuring an antenna (oops). :frowning:

Anyone else with this problem?

Would it not be the result of the bookmarks ?

I have an entitlement for bookmarks, but I’m not doing anything with them when I show the file dialog.

I just tried it on a macbook air and there are no issues, so the problem must be with my computer and not Xojo. Sorry about that, I should have checked the other computer first.

It has to do with mounting network drives, even if none exist. I had the exact same problem. The workaround is actually quite simple:

I think you’re right, I do have auto-mounting network shares. I’ll give it a try, thanks for the tip!

Too bad I have to kill the auto-mounting shares to get it to work, not really a huge problem though I guess.

Thank you Thom, that did the trick!

I knew it would. :slight_smile: I had the same problem.