Sandbox access file questions

Hi there… I have three needs into a sandboxed app…

1- My app, let the user can save documents (the classic “save as” operation)… that documents are little sqlite databases. The “save as” can be performed where the user want (desktop, document folder, usb drive, network drive…) , and the user will be able to open it again. So the db.CreateDatabaseFile seems don’t work fine in this case. It creates the document but doesn’t connect and create the needed table.

2- My app is a little image index, so the user can select a folder that my app scans (file per file and subfolder per subfolder), so I need to gain a sandboxed recursive access to that user selected folder.

3- In the main window of my app, the user can have a live image preview of the image selected (if the volume is mounted)… this work fine in the non-sandboxed app and don’t work in the sandboxed version (i use f=new FolderItem(myPath,FolderItem.PathTypeNative) code)

Anyone can give me any suggestions to make my app sandboxed?

1: Which OS version? This should work in newer versions, but in older ones (I think 10.8.2 and older) you are pretty much out of luck. System grants you access to the file, but not to the two journal files also required. Apple added special access rules for SQLite databases. Extension may matter, but I’m not sure.

2: I see no problem here, it should work just fine.

3: This is a job for Security Scoped Bookmarks, and I believe macoslib can help with them.

1- 10.7 and newer needed. I solved it coping it in the sandbox, work on it, then save it again in the original position… It seems nice

2- I see no problem too… for a mistake there was some, but they was coding mistake…

3- Same as 2… it seems nice now

Thanks for the answer…