Samsung monitor for new MacMini

Samsung LU28E570DS/ZA 28" UHD 4K Led-Lit Monitor, Black

Doe anyone have this particular monitor? If so, thoughts, comments etc…

Its $279 on Amazon

I’ve got an HDTV on my Mac mini. One thing I like about it is that it automatically powers itself off when the mini goes to sleep or shuts down. That’s a desirable feature I would look for.

Hi Dave,

Did you see that there is a newer model of it for $279 on the same page…


Newer model


Lennox… what you indicated as the “newer” model IS in fact the model that I was talking about, the older 590D is actually more expensive,

Personally, I wouldn’t bother, it’s only a TN panel. It’s older tech that has high frame rates and poor viewing angles. You should be looking for something with an IPS (best) or VA (good) panel, preferably with 100% sRGB coverage. You’re not playing games with it, so I’d recommend something with better picture quality.

I have the slightly older Samsung U28E590D 28" 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) LED-backlit Monitor, which I got back in 2016 for $275 from Woot. It doesn’t look like there’s much difference between the 570 and 590.

It’s been totally reliable. It is very bright, but colors are not good out of the box so calibration was needed. As Thom said, viewing angles are poor, but that matters more for a laptop than a desktop I think.

However, If I were buying a new display today I’d definitely try to find something with IPS.

I understand about IPS etc… but cost is a consideration as well… Right now my wife has an old 19" Dell and a 24" ViewSonic both are a fair number of years old… She does email and Facebook for the most part… Heck I have 2 of the same model Dell as outriggers on my iMac, and don’t notice any viewing angle issues.

But I have read that out of the box calibration is something that needs to be adjusted


Dave, I split the difference and went to 1440P for our engineering desktops. Granted, they were a bit more when we bought, but here’s one of the Viewsonic units we use and the price is way down:

???ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD 27 Inch 1440p Frameless IPS Widescreen LED Monitor with HDMI and DisplayPort

If you have the desk real estate, they have a 32" version of that one that is on a ridiculous sale.

Yeah I noticed the 32" was cheaper than the 27"?

If I had the space, I’d grab one for home! But 27" is pushing it for my desk.

Defenitely go for an IPS monitor, LG has many different types and sizes of them in every pricerange. Please don’t be penny-wise buying a TN screen, every cent you spend extra for an IPS one will pay back for itself. Just bought myself a 27 inch 4K LG for just 239,-- Euro (was a special offer). They are all calibrated from the factory. If i am not mistaken even the Apple screens for the iMac come from LG.

Thanks for all the input… .But just because an IPS monitor is “technically” better… doesn’t mean that difference is “worth” the price, and in my case it is far from so. The visual display on this particular TN display far exceeds what we currently have, and I (and the wife) could not tell the difference unless an IPS and TN were side by side, and then it was minor. But then for us the same is true with video DVD vs video Blu-Ray. But thanks anyways.

That’s the cool thing about that Viewsonic I mentioned - is it IPS.