SAML SSO for Web (Enterprise Login Integration)

Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m currently diving into the world of SAML SSO integration for WebApps and could really use your collective wisdom. As we all know, SAML SSO is becoming increasingly crucial in the enterprise environment, and I’m exploring how to best implement it in XOJO WebApps.

I’ve been scouting around for plugins and stumbled upon ChilKat, which looks promising. However, I’m a bit short on hands-on experience and user feedback regarding its integration and performance.

Has anyone here ventured into this territory? I’m particularly interested in:

  • Your experience with ChilKat or any other plugins for SAML SSO in XOJO.
  • Any challenges you faced during integration and how you tackled them.
  • Performance insights and any tips for smooth implementation.

Your shared experiences will not only aid me but could also benefit others in our community who might be sailing in the same boat.

Looking forward to your insights and stories! Let’s make this integration journey a bit easier for all of us. :blush:

// Patric