Same Public IP address for more one computer problem


I found problem for my server/client application with error 22 or 103
=====>>> - all computers have the same ip public in my house.
I can’t test my program because it use ip public of the server .

( with bell compagny i didn’t have this problem for test.) now i have videotron provider
i try desactive upnp but no change.

is it impossible for me to have one ip public for only one computer at time ???

Thats the whole idea behind a “router”… IT has a public facing WAN IP address… and each device in your home has a local LAN IP address (usually 10. or 192.) and when your local computer transmits to the Internet information about both devices are contained in the packet.

The information comes into your house, is accepted by the router, which in turn acts like a dispatcher, and decides which computer of yours gets the information.

So… is it impossible for you to have one public IP per computer? Yes it is impossible, unless you remove the router and use only ONE computer

NOTE: If your “game” is only LAN based it won’t be a problem, because you would use the 10. or 192. LAN IP addresses, but if you wish to communicate between multiple locations via the Internet, it can’t be done without a server application out there acting as a 2nd level of router

You need to read up on NAT and port forwarding. Here’s a start:

Not quite true. I have a /29 subnet on my vDSL router @ home which gives me 5 public ip addresses. This is not the norm and not available from many suppliers though.

only 2 ip public addresses would be perfect.
but, i don’t know how do that on router

[quote=250125:@jean-marc planas]only 2 ip public addresses would be perfect.
but, i don’t know how do that on router[/quote]

with a standard router… you don’t… What Wayne described above is not your average home router setup

are you attempting to communicate from one or more computers on your home LAN to another computer located at a remote location? Look into NAT and port forwarding as suggested above…

no, I communicate over internet over country…
but, for my test only an other internaut can testing with me…that is hard and very slow

thanks for all… i will investigate to find a solution

For testing, you could use your smart phone as hot spot, so you would have the land IP, and the IP address of the phone .

ok thanks

If this is for testing, and you are running in the IDE, then just use a local IP address in your code using

Instead of using the same port on the client and server, why not use a different port on every device. Then communication between machines that have the same external IP will not make a difference.

Why not use the local addresses ? For testing on two machines next to each other, that should be OK.

My commerical network (outside my Firewall) has 2 IPs… 1 for my router/firewall device and 1 for my provider’s device that my cable modem talks to. Now my modem has other ports on it that connects to the local “Home” service network which is a very different subnet range. I plugin a Airport Express to one of those ports and use it to test connecting to my “Business” IP address. Most customers dont have this option. I lucked out in being able to do that.

If I couldnt do that, I would connect to XfinityWifi network with a laptop/tablet and test that way.

good luck.