Same properties in Window and Module


I use Windows 10 / XOJO 2018r4 desktop version

My project has a window class that includes some methods, properties, controls.
Let say properties like dicVoiceName , dicReverbName, dicChorusName … (all dictionaries and all ‘Public’)

My project also includes a module with dictionaries with the same name and all ‘Global’

Question : When I use dictionary ‘dicVoiceName’ in my window will that not interfere with the ‘dicVoiceName’ in the module ?
How does Xojo know what dictionary to use ?
Will XOJO first look into the window created properties before looking for the same properties in the module ?


For clarity you can prefix those in the module with the module name

propertyname (or self.propertyname)

But for safety they ought to have different names, or access methods for the module