Same Name for Properties Constants Methods

I had a String property in my project and as I didn’t have to change its value I wanted to changed it to a constant. Before removed the Property I created a constant with exactly the same name and Xojo crash (I wanted to erase my property after created the constant).

I wanted to reproduce the crash and I couldn’t. And while trying it, I see I’m able to create a String constant “MyCPM” and a string property “MyCPM” and a Method returning a string “MyCPM”.
My Method is only Return "xxx"
My constant is “yyy” and my property default value is “zzz”.

If I do

MsgBox MyCPM

I obtain “zzz” then the property.

Command-K to Analyze project code doesn’t report any trouble, I think it should. I think we shouldn’t be able to create Properties Constants Methods with the same name.
I don’t know if I should report a bug or not.

I’d say it depends on the Scope. But if they are all in the same scope, you are correct and i’d recommend to report it.

Sorry I forgot to say it, yes I created the Properties, the Constants and the Methods in the same Window. Maybe it crashed when I did it in App, I will give a try.

Edit : When created in App, I obtain an alert “There is more than one item with this name, it’s not clear to whish this refer.”
Edit2 : Sorry one more time, the Property was Integer that’s why I obtained the alert, I set it back to String like the other and I have the same result as in the Window.

Note : It’s strange I could set my Property to Integer and set its default value to “zzz”.