Salesforce API

Has anyone put together a class to interface with Salesforce? Before I embark on this endeavor I thought I’d make sure I wasn’t reinventing the wheel.

I have some code I started working on last fall. Will dig it out…

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Anyone take this further with a code/class to interface with SFDC?

No, I never got anything from Matt. It was a side project that ended up getting put even further to the side.

**SF updated their API and broke the Xojo code in 2015. They claim backward compatibility for upto 3 years, although the SOAP compatibility broke with the very first API update 7 months after the code was finished. No updates to the code planned until August, after the next major API change.

Ok… what the heck is “Salesforce”… I keep seeing references to it popping up

Thanks… didn’t answer my question… but thanks

They market as a CRM solution, but I think developers here are more interested in the analytics and usage statistics.

They’re a highly customizable CRM. They support your basic Companies, Contacts etc… out of the box and you can build your own dynamic objects, custom fields, custom layouts, permission roles etc… They then have built in and customizable reports and a ton of third party integrations.